RV-12 Project

Chapter 179 is building an aircraft! 

At the end of June 2020, EAA 179 received a Van’s RV-12 donation by the family of James Crouse, Jr. of Carrizozo, NM.  Wings were nearly complete.  The fuselage kit remained unopened. Volunteers stepped up to form a core build team.

The chapter build team began to acquire tools, set up shop, unpack the fuselage kit, take inventory, and professionally organize parts on shelves and bins. Thanks to Bode Aviation for the donated space for the workshop!

Meanwhile, we learned of an available empennage kit, already completed in California. Thanks to builder/donor Adam Coffey and some new EAA friends in Chapter 1, the project got a huge kick start.  See the newsletter for monthly updates.

Read our story, published in EAA’s November 2020 ChapterGram:
Aircraft Project Donation Catalyzes Chapter 179

Contact project leader, Lee Otto if you’d like to get involved!  Below is a live calendar to plan to visit when the build team is working.  Team participants are: Lee Otto,  Jim Kessler, Dave Otero, and Mark Sturm – one of them is always present when work is being performed. (Actually, they’re out there almost daily, especially when warm enough – so stop by!)  And other members are often there to help out. Check out the progress in articles published in our Newsletter!