EAA 179 IMC Club

Sharpen your Instrument  Flying Skills!

The chapter IMC Club meets the 3rd Saturday of each month, 0930-1100 at Double Eagle II Airport, still a hybrid session (in person or remote).  Anyone is welcome!

IMC Club sessions provide an open discussion based on instrument flying scenarios.  Discussions provide a good review of essentials for IMC flight plus a fun way to meet and learn from other instrument pilots. Here is the description from the monthly IMC announcement from EAA:

EAA’s IMC Club provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building instrument flying knowledge and skills.  The Club promotes a safety culture through continued education and believes that we develop safety and proficiency through education and real life experience. Monthly meetings offer an opportunity to share in-flight experiences and valuable safety tips.

Meetings typically focus on a scenario “you were flying along and then this happened – what do you do”. Here is an example from a recent meeting:

You take off from a non-towered airport, without any controller frequency in range. You have an IFR flight plan on file but not activated. You climb into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) at a much lower altitude than expected. — NOW what do you do.

After the dealing with the scenario, a quiz is presented that can deal with regulations, the approach charts, the enroute charts, weather, and other facets of flying IFR. So if you are interested in learning more about IFR flight or simply wish to participate in problem solving, you are invited to attend or tune in via ZOOM to this and future meetings.

How to participate:

  • In-person in the Bode Aviation conference room, 2nd floor, next to the café.  Meet up at the café prior for breakfast or after for lunch.
  • OR Join Remotely: Visit the Site Search page for Events at KAEG. The meeting announcement will be listed when it has been registered with FAA. Select the upcoming IMC Club Meeting for Event Details; the ZOOM link will be included.

To receive FAA WINGS credit, select the “Register” link on the Events Pate (you must be logged in to your FAAST account).

Barry Harper  & John DeWitt, IMC Club Coordinators, EAA 179