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Mod Log

Date Who What Details
10/25/2020 George Added additional CSS to decrease spacing between widgets on the sidebar .widget-title {
line-height: 0;
10/25/2020 George Black Studios TinyMCE Widget Provides WSYWIG editor for widgets
10/25/2020 George Created Visual Editor widgets and composed lists
Hid the original widget “Announcements”
“Chapter Activities”
“Past Events”
10/25/2020 George Correct link to EAA’s “IMC Club”
10/26/2020 George Additional CSS to color links on pages and sidebar widgest to BLUE and visited links to Green .widget .textwidget {
color: black; }
.widget .textwidget a:link {
color: blue }
.widget .textwidget a:visited {
color: green; }
.entry-content a:hover, .entry-content a:visited{
color: green; }
.entry-content a:link {
color: blue }
10/27/2020 George Additional CSS to color links on the Menus BLUE .main-navigation a:link {
color: blue;
.main-navigation a:visited {
color: blue;

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