Flying Start & Eagle Flights – 2024

Want to learn how to fly but do not know where to start?
  Are you serious about learning how to fly? If so, consider participating in EAA’s LEARN TO FLY WEEK online programs (live May 15 – 19, 2023) and/or register for a Flying Start event (online registration required).

Upcoming Event:  May 11, 2024
Download Flying Start 2024 Flyer for registration info

This half day program is designed to help adults (18 and up) explore  various flight training goals and pathways.  It will introduce you to other pilots, students, instructors, and flight training options.  We will discuss various opportunities you may have after completing flight training.  Not just for airplanes but also for Light Sport (LSA), rotor wing, gliders, and Trikes.

For more information from EAA, check out “Flying Start” and “Eagle Flights“.

EAA 179 presents these programs when we have received interest from enough participants to schedule an event.  If you are interested in attending an EAA 179 Flying Start event, please send your inquiry via eMail to and we will contact you with dates and location for when you are invited to “Come Fly with Us!’’

Providing a “kick start” for learning to fly

Christen Eagle

EAA 179’s Flying Start – an introduction to flight! Photo by Larry Bell

Giving Adults who want to learn to fly, a Flying Start! Photo by Larry Bell

For more information on EAA’s Eagle Flight program, see:
EAA Eagle Flight experience for adults who want to learn to fly.