LOEFI 2021 Awards and Photos

For LOEFI 2021, awards were given for aircraft in 9 categories. Pilots opted to have their aircraft included in the judging when they registered.

  • A team of 3 Chapter members then appraised each aircraft, considering appearance and other subjective considerations. Judging took place between 0830 and 1130.
  • The public was also given the opportunity to cast a ballot for the “People’s Choice” award. Counting the ballots, the judges found that there was a tie, so the award was given to each.
  • Based on information provide by the pilots when they registered, the award for “Most Distant Fly-in” was given to the pilot from most distant home airport in ‘air miles’.
  • Trophies were presented on stage to the award winners at 1330. (Trophies were mailed to any who were not present to receive them.)
  • A framed photo of the winning aircraft will be forwarded to the winners honoring their recognition as winners at LOEFI 2021.

Below are photos of the winning aircraft.

Thanks go out to all the pilots who joined in the aircraft judging. And to the Members who volunteered to be judges for this traditional activity of LOEFI for many years.

Photos by Bill Donald and Larry Bell
George Young, 10/12/2021