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LOEFI 2021 – Schedule

0700   •  Gates open;  Static Aircraft & Car Club displays open
0700 – 1500  •  Food trucks – NEW this year

Great food! And sales support our scholarship fund!

0700 – 0845  •   “Prairie Meadows Praise Team Singers”
0800  •  
Opening Ceremony & Flag Raising by Rio Rancho JROTC
0815  •  Exhibit Hall, Youth Aviators Center, Builders’ Corner open;  Aircraft Judging Begins
0830 – 0945  •  WINGS Safety Seminar: “Flying the New Mexico Backcountry” – NMPA
0900 – 1100  • Resonance” band
10151130  •  Seminar: “Can Electric Aircraft Pull General Aviation Out Of The Nose Dive?” by Will Fox
1130  •  Aircraft Judging closes, People’s Choice ballots due
1230 – 1300  •  Gathering of Pilots (Photo) and Aircraft Awards Presentation – EAA179
1300 – 1500  •   “Time Travelers” band
1330 – 1430  •  Public Presentation: “Formation Flying” by Chile Flight
1400  •  Raffle Drawing, Featured Prizes
1500  •  Exhibit Hall, Youth Aviators Center, Aircraft Builders’ Corner closes

Live Music throughout the day!

Start the day with the Prairie Meadows Praise Team Singers, opening with the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and an assortment of uplifting acoustic/vocal music.
Kicking off the festivities mid-morning is Resonance, with energetic dance music to waggle your empennage.
Headlining in the afternoon slot, Time Travelers takes you on a magic carpet ride through time, with rock’n’roll favorites from the 1950’s to present.

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2018 Awards and Photos

Congrats to 2018 Award Winners!

Best Amateur Built – Jerry Wymer, Harmon Rocket, N49GW
Best Contemporary – Brent McCall, PA-24-260 Comanche, N9272P
Best Helicopter – Miguel Jimenez – Channel 13, Eurocopter AS 350 B2, N134TV
Best Sailplane – Dan Marotta, Stemme S-10VT, N995J
Best Vintage – Ryan Carson, Luscombe 8E, NC2408K
Best Warbird – Chuck Swanberg, Ryan L-17 Navion, N4581K

People’s Choice – Lee Otto, VANS RV-10, N326JL
Kids’ Favorite! – Phil Phillips, Cessna L-19 / O-1 Birddog, N219TH
Most Distant Fly-In – Jim Money, Beechcraft S-13 Bonanza, N1947M
Oldest Aircraft – Chris Wilson, Interstate S-1B1, N46333

2017 LOEFI Awards & Photos

Congrats to 2017 Award Winners!

Kids’ Favorite! – One Aviation,  Eclipse 550  N229BW
GRAND CHAMPION – Fred Krueger, Stearman E75  NC4787V

Best Amateur Built – Mark Sturm, Velocity N653TS
Best Contemporary – Bob Rausch, Piper Lance N7123H
Best Vintage – Ryan Carson, Albuquerque; Luscombe 7E NC2408K
Best Warbird – Phil Phillips, L-19 / 0-1 Birddog  N219TH
Best Light Sport – Doug Rhodes, Magni M-22  N223DR
Best Trike – Jim Britt, North Wing  N10364
Furthest Home Airport – Kyle Grimm, Vans RV-4 (from KFDK) N884JB
Oldest Aircraft – Kurt Winker, Piper J-3 Cub (1942)  N41567
People’s Choice – Fred Krueger, Stearman E75  NC4787V

LOEFI 2017 Video      2017 LOEFI Newsletter 

Route 66 Air Tour – 2018

February 16 – 19, 2018





Celebrate history, promote general aviation, and enjoy sights along the Mother Road!

Download Air Tour Flyer
Download Registration Form

Since the beginnings of fixed-wing aviation, pilots have been flying air tours to exhibit aircraft capabilities and share their passion for aviation.  This tour will highlight aviators, aircraft and significant historical events along Route 66.

Pilots and crew will fly the planned route, landing at community airports for commemorative celebrations, museum visits, and brief presentations highlighting general aviation.

The public is invited to join us, viewing aircraft and interacting with pilots and crew at each stop. This tour is sponsored by Chapter 179 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

2018 Route 66 Air Tour PHOTOS – See our FACEBOOK page for Photos and Published articles



  1. PAY BY CHECK:  Download REGISTRATION FORM, complete, and mail to EAA 179 PO Box with your check.
  2. PAY ONLINE:  Download REGISTRATION FORM, complete and email to Click to pay here, and enter the total tour cost for participants in your aircraft:
  3. IMPORTANT!!!   Make your own reservations directly for overnight accommodations:

Tucumcari:  Rates at the Roadrunner Lodge include a basic breakfast (2 eggs, hash browns, toast, and coffee or tea) at “Kix on 66” diner.  Rates at the Safari Lodge in Tucumcari are lower, but do not include breakfast.  The “Kix on 66” has a nice and very reasonable breakfast menu, and it is within easy walking distance from both hotels.  Both hotels are offering their standard winter rates without further discount.  Make your reservations through their web sites.

Roadrunner Lodge:
Safari Motel:

Las Vegas: Special “Air Tour” rates at the Historic 1882 Plaza Hotel will be honored through January.  Room descriptions are available on the Plaza Hotel web site. To reserve your room, call (505) 425-3591 (ask for “Air Tour” rate)

Winslow:   This stop is designed as a relaxing finale to the Route 66 Air Tour with no formal activities planned.  The La Posada Hotel ( ) was a beautiful, iconic Santa Fe Railroad hotel and Fred Harvey Restaurant (Harvey House) that opened in 1930.  It was the last AT&SF hotel constructed, and it was designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter.  It has been lovingly restored and updated and includes the Turquoise Room, an outstanding restaurant with a good wine list and a nice, intimate bar.  You can tour the hotel, watch the trains, and relax by the fire in the ballroom, reading or recapping the weekend with your fellow Air Tour participants.

Reserve your room at the La Posada Hotel or other lodging and dining options are available in Winslow, if you desire.  We have arranged transportation to and from hotels for your stay.  Taxi service is available in Winslow.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport (KSXU)   
1300 – 1500 Coffee Stop, take off on old Route 66!
1400 Community Presentation

Tucumcari Municipal (KTCC)
1500-1700  Arrival Window
Tour Tucumcari + Route 66 Museum
1830            Social and Dinner
Route 66 History presentation
Overnight:   Tucumcari historic motels  (includes breakfast at “Kix on 66”)

Saturday, February 17

Breakfast at “Kix on 66” Diner
Moriarty Airport (0E0)
1100     Presentation, Community event
Lunch at Commemorative Air Force Lobo Wing Hangar
View historic sites enroute to KLVS.
Las Vegas Municipal Airport (KLVS)
1600     Presentation, Community event
1830     Social and Dinner
Las Vegas History presentation
Overnight: Historic 1882 Plaza Hotel

Sunday, February 18

Breakfast at the Plaza Hotel
View historic sites enroute to KGNT

Grants-Milan Airport (KGNT)
1130     Presentation, Community event
Lunch at the ‘60s-style WOW Diner
Tour Cibola County Airway Museum
View airway markers, Painted Desert, and Meteor Crater enroute to KINW

Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport (KINW)
See the original TAT hangar and terminal & enjoy “Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona”

Overnight and dinner at La Posada/Turquoise Room or other accommodations of your choosing.

Monday, February 19 (Presidents Day)
Breakfast on your own, depart for home.

2016 LOEFI Awards & Photos

LOEFI 2016 Award Winners

Best Homebuilt – Robert Anderson, Santa Fe;  Vans RV-8
Best Vintage – Ryan Carson, Albuquerque; Luscombe RE Silvaire
Best Contemporary – Jean-Pierre Held, Santa Fe; Cessna C-180V
Best Warbird – Chuck Swanberg, Sandia Park; Ryan L-17B
Furthest Home Airport – Tom Navar, El Paso; Cessna 180
Oldest Aircraft – Kurt Winker, Los Lunas;  Piper J-3 Cub (1942)
People’s Choice – William Dubois, Santa Rosa; Ercoupe 415-C/D

High res Winner pics

Exhibitors LOEFI 2016

2015 Fly In Photos

2015 LOEFI Photos

LOEFI 2015-44

LOEFI 2015 Show – by Phil Thompson (open and scroll down)

2015 LOEFI Slideshow – Photos by Larry Bell

2014 Awards & Photos

Aircraft Awards

Photos by Bill Donald

Photos by Roland Penttila

Photos by Phil Thompson

Photos by Gary Self

Photos by Joyce Woods

LOEFI 2019 Awards and Photos

Congrats to 2019 Award Winners!

Best Amateur Built – N4QV, Questar Venture, Will Fox
Best Contemporary – M990P, Cirrus SR-22, Lance Hunter
Best Vintage – NC32016, Waco UPF-7, Greg Sullivan
Best Warbird – N4581K, Ryan L-17 Navion, Chuck Swanberg
Best Light Sport – N686R, Rans S-7 Courier, Stan Johnson
Best Trike – N10364, North Wing Sport X2, Jim Britt

Most Distant Fly-In – N78KM, Beech Bonanza, Tyler Katkana
Oldest Aircraft – NC32016, Waco UPF-7, Greg Sullivan

Kids’ Favorite!  N571AW, Beech B300, CSI Aviation
Kids’ Favorite!  M990P, Cirrus SR-22, Lance Hunter

People’s Choice!  NC32016, Waco UPF-7, Greg Sullivan

2019 Aircraft on Display

Event Action

View KOB4’s Casey Torres with event preview video – Fri Sept 20 and check her Facebook posts:

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